About The Agency

Simplifiera was born out of Gothenburg, Sweden. Founded by John Sernryd & Oliver Culshaw the agency had one goal: Make web simple. The founders had themselves worked in the space previously and were painfully aware of the flaws in web and marketing. Simplifiera aims to make the complicated simple for our client and their clients in everything surroinding the web and code.

Our Way Of Working

In order to make things simpler for our clients we cant think like any other web agency. Where most branched outwards we branched inwards. Instead of focusing our time on your marketing efforts we focus HARD on the experience your new visitors have when your marketing team has done their job.

When we build new sites we do it in a reverse order. We invision what functionality we want, what conversion rate to aim for, what the upsells and cross-sells will look like. Then we build everything surrounding the sales of the site. This is best achieved by utilizing previously collected data and experiences from your customers.  Once we are done with the site and it's published we go in and review.