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About Us
About Us
About Us
Simplifiera's journey began in 2020, driven by a mission to simplify the digital world. Recognizing the industry's complexity, we've revolutionized the approach to design, focusing on performance over aesthetics. By prioritizing conversion optimization, quality code, and design we've empowered clients to achieve immediate growth.
Our Story

Simplifiera embarked on its journey with a singular goal: to make the digital world simpler. In fact, in Swedish, our name translates to "simplify." The story of Simplifiera traces back to 2020 when John Sernry and Oliver Culshaw recognized a pervasive issue in the digital industry. Many companies were imposing ineffective and needlessly complex solutions on their clients, resulting in lackluster performance and burdensome support contracts that drained resources.

Starting with small, local clients in the first year, Simplifiera uncovered further flaws within the industry. Leveraging smart solutions and a network of connections across Scandinavia, Simplifiera swiftly identified tech stacks that offered the most streamlined solutions for clients.

In 2021, Simplifiera ventured into the realm of e-commerce, securing its initial clients. The revelation struck when confronted with the state of e-commerce design and development: prioritizing design over performance was a critical oversight. After conducting thorough research and collaborating with some of the sharpest minds in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), a transformative process was born.

By crafting exceptional, user-friendly websites with a keen focus on conversion optimization, Simplifiera empowered our clients to achieve immediate sales growth.

The Team

Our team is firmly rooted in Sweden, and it's likely to remain our home base for the foreseeable future. However, while we call Sweden home, we don't confine our talent search to our cozy Scandinavian corner of the world. Instead, we've cast our net wide, scouting for the very best from across the globe. Presently, our team spans two continents, and we're eagerly eyeing a third in the near horizon. This global outlook has blessed us with an incredibly diverse and talented team, united in our pursuit of our clients' goals, wherever they may be.

We predominantly offer fully remote positions, recognising the modern world's need for flexibility and placing a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality work. If you're the next exceptional developer, UI/UX designer, project manager, production leader, or account manager we're searching for, don't hesitate to reach out to us here.

Keeping it stupid simple

Crafted through trials and tribulations, our process has evolved from something intricate and convoluted into a streamlined, efficient workflow composed of four essential steps: Planning, Project, Review, and Optimization.

Planning: In this initial phase, we align the project's timeline, potential connections, and features with your specific goals. This plan, carefully tailored to fit the scope of your objectives, will be presented to you for complete alignment. It serves as the blueprint for coordinating resources, launches, and important milestones, fostering collaboration between you and our team.

Before proceeding, we ensure the implementation of tracking and measurement tools on your site, providing valuable insights into user behavior and enabling us to base our design decisions on the real experiences of your customers.

Project: This stage is straightforward—we roll up our sleeves and dive headfirst into your project, addressing its unique requirements. Throughout this process, your dedicated Account Manager will provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly status updates, allowing you to follow the work in real-time. Additionally, we schedule regular meetings to mark project milestones and maintain open communication.

Review: We take a critical look at our work, examining AI-generated Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) data alongside your valuable feedback. Based on these insights, we implement final optimizations to ensure a seamless project launch.

Optimization: Post-launch, we highly recommend a three-month period of Continuous CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). This enables us to identify and improve upon user patterns, ensuring ongoing enhancements to your project's performance.

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Simplifiera AB
Simplifiera is a web studio from Sweden. We specialize in creating tailored web experiences for ambitious D2C and B2B brands and companies. Our focus is on driving conversions and achieving measurable results online, without a compromise on design.
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